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Just a Reminder: Doubt is a Liar!

Dec 01, 2021

“Doubt is the best salesman that there’s ever been. He gets up every day and knocks on your door trying to sell you on the lie that you aren’t good enough.”
-Dr. Billy Alsbrooks
Doubt stops you in your tracks.
Doubt makes you second-guess yourself.
Doubt kills dreams.
Doubt shows up in so many ways. Do you recognize it when it knocks at your door? Do you know how to answer?
You are good enough. But only you can help yourself fully believe it. It has taken me a long time to realize that I sit in the control booth.
I can also be the one who creates the doubt based on past experiences. But I am still in control. I can answer the doubt, hear it out, and then send it on its way.
I get to choose. I AM good enough. And I am here to do good work.
What about you?

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